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This site complements the book Interactive Television Production, by Mark Gawlinski.

The book has lots more practical information about how to produce interactive television services and case studies from leading interactive television producers.

You can buy the book now from Amazon in the UK or Amazon in the US

More information:

Interactive Television Production

By Mark Gawlinski
ISBN: 0240516796     Book/Paperback
Line Illustrations: 53  
Measurements: 189 X 246 mm
Pages: 288
Imprint: Focal Press

Interactive Television Production is essential reading for all broadcasting and new media professionals - whether in production, marketing, technology, business or management. It will also be of interest to media students and anyone looking to get an insight into the future of television production. It provides a practical, step-by-step guide to the processes and issues involved in taking an interactive television idea through to being an operational service - based on the knowledge and experience of leading interactive television producers.

This book can be used as a quick-and-easy reference guide, with each chapter containing a ‘Chapter in 30 seconds’ summary for easy reference, or read from cover to cover. Using accessible language, the author provides detailed descriptions of iTV software technologies (OpenTV, MHEG-5, TV Navigator), delivery technologies (cable, satellite and terrestrial) and production tools. There are also entire chapters devoted to key issues like the commercial side of iTV and the latest work on usability and design.


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