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Good interactive television productions perfectly marry the spontaneity of programme making with the precision of software development. There’s the chance to practise innovative ways of working, learn new skills and create something that has never been done before. If you get the opportunity to be involved with producing interactive television, do so with gusto. It’s fantastic fun.

The first step to producing great interactive television: get the right attitude.

Interactive television applications are built using software programming code – and are often large-scale and complex. They often require months of work from multiple programmers. Anyone charged with producing an interactive television application from the ground up using raw code will have problems if they expect to be able to make changes right up to the last minute – television production style.

Television production attitudes can quickly result in rather serious arguments with the software programming team – and deadlines being missed.

Therefore, the majority of interactive television projects will benefit from the application of the rigourous techniques used to manage software projects. Television production methods are by no means irrelevant to iTV, however, and there are times when they can be usefully applied.

If you want to know, step by step, how to produce interactive television, plus find out all the ways you can get round having to programme the computer code from the ground up, you can buy the book Interactive Television Production now. There are also some nuggets of information via this section's links.


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