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A remote control Test your knowledge of interactive television

Test your knowledge of the commercial side of interactive television production

1. What are interstitial adverts?

a) Adverts that appear at the bottom of the screen
b) Adverts that appear between interactive television programmes
c) Adverts that appear as the viewer is moving between different parts of an interactive television service
d) Adverts that allow a two-way dialogue with the viewer

2. Generally, what button are viewers prompted to press to trigger the interactive element of a video advert shown on a television channel?

a) Green
b) Yellow
c) Cerise
d) Red

3. Of the list below, which brand used interactive television advertising in the UK first?

a) Domino's Pizza
b) Volvo
c) Chicken Tonight
d) Frosties

4. What is happening to the viewing share of the major terrestrial television channels in the UK?

a) It's steadily falling
b) It's staying the same
c) It's rising
d) It's all over the place

5. How many hours do people in the UK typically watch television for? 

a) 3 hours per week
b) 5 hours per week
c) 10 hours per week
d) 25 hours per week

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