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A remote control Test your knowledge of interactive television

Test your knowledge of interactive television production:

1. Interactive television production is closest to which one of these?

a) Television production
b) Software production
c) Music production
d) Milk production

2. Which of the following is NOT a tool used for producing applications for the OpenTV middleware system?

a) OpenTV Producer Studio
b) OpenTV Software Development Kit
c) OpenTV Publisher
d) OpenTV Author

3. What does MHEG stand for?

a) Multimedia HTML Engine and Graphics
b) Modal Hypermedia Engine Group
c) Multiform HTML Enhanced Graphics
d) Multimedia Hypermedia Experts Group

4. Which company produces the middleware system called TV Navigator?

a) Liberate
b) Netscape
c) NCI
d) Oracle

5. What is regression testing?

a) Testing the first version of a piece of software
b) Re-testing software after changes have been made
c) Going back to an earlier version to test it
d) Asking the boss to have a quick look at the code

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