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A remote control Test your knowledge of interactive television

Test your knowledge of interactive television technology

1. VBI stands for:

a) Very binary interface
b) Vertical blanking interval
c) Volume blocked interface
d) Visually banded interlace

2. What are I-frames?

a) Special glasses used for some interactive TV games
b) Buffers in the set-top box used to reduce interference from electrical signals
c) Frames of digital video that can be used as reference frames to aid compression
d) Frames of video that can be used to align interactive overlays properly

3. What is middleware?

a) Software that works between the operating system and applications
b) Software that works solely within the central processing unit of a set-top box
c) Software that is half way through development
d) Software that has a visual programming interface that can be used by non-technical users

4. Which of these is NOT an example of interactive television middleware?

a) TV Navigator
b) OpenTV
c) MediaHighway
d) Linux

5. MHP stands for:

a) Multimedia Home Production
b) Multiplatform Home Production
c) Multimedia HTML Platform
d) Multimedia Home Platform

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