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A remote control Test your knowledge of interactive television

What is interactive television?

1. One good definition of interactive television is?

a) World wide web sites viewed on a television set
Taking viewers beyond the passive and letting them make choices and take actions
c) A set with a camera inside it, watching you...

d) All the pleasures of a shopping mall on your television

2. Finish this television programme title: "Winky Dink and..." ?

a) Binky Bonk!
b) You
c) The Knights of the Round Table
d) Me

3. Electronic programme guides sometimes use overlay boxes with information about the programme currently showing. These are sometimes called:

a) Now/next boxes
b) ALBs (Annoying Little Boxes)
Present and correct boxes
d) TV on demand boxes

4. When was the first 'full-transmission' version of a teletext service publicly launched in the UK? (Hint: it was in the 70s)

a) 1972
b) 1973
c) 1974
d) 1975

5. Why do people tend not like using web sites that have been designed for PCs on a television?

a) Because it's difficult to get privacy in the front room
b) Because they tend to look awful
c) Because the mouse gets lost down the back of the sofa
d) Because they tend to make the set crash

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