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It was the philosopher Eric Hoffer who said that the best way to predict the future is to have the power to shape it. With interactive television, this power is with the viewers and with the people who produce interactive television services for them.

Trends to watch out for include:
  • Increased socialising and networking between people using interactive television and other devices.
  • Television programmes being created specifically to make use of interactive television technologies.
  • Broadcasters increasingly needing to let go of their traditional models of programme making to let interactivity work for them.
To get access to specific predictions about the future of interactive television from industry experts, you can buy the book Interactive Television Production now. Or try some of this section's links.

If you are already involved with interactive television production, I hope the links contained within this site have given you some food for thought. If you are looking at the industry for the first time, I hope the site has tempted you to get involved. 


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